Yardsharing for Collective Gardens

At our last Collective House Assembly, folks wondered how we could cooperatively share yards big enough to cultivate with all the landless co-opers who would like to garden and eat homegrown produce. In an effort not to reinvent the wheel, two Collective House Assembly members met up this week with the founders of My City Gardens, a Boston-area yardsharing website that is about to launch this spring. We were really impressed!

The goals of My City Gardens are simple: match prospective gardeners with landholders in their neighborhoods. To do this, they’ll be launching an interactive map of yard space and gardener profiles in the next few weeks, allowing prospective yardsharers to talk it out and match themselves up (don’t worry– they won’t release any addresses publicly). In the meantime, they’ve already begun connecting folks who sign up on their website with gardens or gardeners in their area.

This project elegantly fills a need co-opers have already expressed at our Assembly meetings, and does so without limiting the benefits of cooperatively sharing garden space to those who already cooperatively share living space. Co-op houses that welcome a new gardener or two onto their land can act as ambassadors to their other collective projects and better integrate their co-op into their neighborhood. Meanwhile, big collective houses full of hungry housemates can work as gardener teams on large gardening projects, helping to maintain the momentum that has a tendency to dwindle as dog days and busy summer nights set in.

So co-ops, we encourage you to check out the site and consider signing up!

Looking for space to grow a garden?
Have extra space in your backyard?

My City Gardens is a free Boston-based yard sharing service launching in 2012. Visit our site:
• Sign up for updates
• Check out listings in your neighborhood
• Prepare for next spring! Post your available space or your gardening space needs.

Questions? Suggestions?
Interested in volunteer opportunities?

ps don’t forget!
Next Assembly : 11 February
11 Feb, noon-2pm, at Encuentro 5, 33 Harrison St.
Theme: Housing Justice with CityLife
Come meet with representatives from CityLife and the Cooperative Fund of New England to deepen our discussion of practical ways co-op houses can support housing justice in Boston. Bring your own projects and ideas!

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